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Design Capability
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SunOn's strength lies in the supply of complete systems ranging from the design solution to the finished mould right through to sampling or production of parts for pilot series or mass production. We have developed "two-material injection molding with cavity side rotating device" and has registered the patent. (patent no.2008200095572.2). This device is applicable to different kinds of injection molding machines. It can be rotated back and forth quickly, and can meet requirements of double color, multi-color products. Cavity side rotating-two material injection molding.
Device Installing
Cavity side rotating& two-material injection molding turnplate is an independent unit, both in controlling and operating, which can be fully installed double-color and multi-color injection molding machine, and greatly improve productivity.
Different from traditional core side rotation
Traditional core side rotating needs to finish operations one after another, like mold opening, mold rotating, and finally finish parts ejecting. Whilst this device is greatly helpful to improve productivity with those movements happened at the same time. Moreover, the traditional core side rotation needs to match the parameters with injection molding machine, but the new developed cavity side rotation can work totally independent, thus make it more convenient to fit.
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